SALAS Outstanding Laboratory Animal Technician Award 2023

November 2022

The Outstanding Laboratory Animal Technician Award recognizes the excellent performance and contribution of technicians in providing extraordinary care and welfare to laboratory animals that contributes to the advancement of research and great discoveries in Singapore.

• The person must be nominated by the Institutional Director or the Department Head after consultation with the individual’s peers and direct supervisor.
• Nominee should be a full time employee of the nominating institution or department and has been in service for at least 1 year.
• Must have a primary responsibility in providing care and husbandry to laboratory animals. A demonstration of leadership and mentoring responsibility and skills to his peers, research staff and students is a plus.
• Has demonstrated an excellent performance in his work, with positive attitude and motivation to enhance his competency and qualification.
• Must possess a higher technician certification e.g. ALAT, LAT, LATG, CMAR and any similar internationally recognized certificate for laboratory animal technician.
• An active member of SALAS as of the date of his/her nomination.
• Able to make a 10 minutes presentation for SALAS Annual Conference on the 15 – 16 February 2023 (Topic for presentation can be discussed with SALAS Program Committee)
Documents Required for submission:
• Completed Nomination Form with signature of Nominator
• Short CV of the nominee following the given template (to be provided by awards committee to the nominator)
• A recent passport size photograph of the nominee (can be submitted only if readily available)

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